DEI Resources:

Resources to advance the industry from within

Implementing meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) standards and practices can be challenging for any VC firm: where do you start, and how do you measure success? Venture Forward serves as a “square one” resource for VC investors and firms, by providing industry-wide data, direction, programs, and resources for measuring success.

VC Human Capital Survey

DEI metrics can be difficult to capture, but you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Conducted every two years, our industry-wide survey collects critical data on the conditions and composition of the VC workforce.

DEI Glossary

What does DEI stand for? ESG? What’s the difference between equity and equality? Everyone starts somewhere. Our glossary explains the basics, and will help get you up to speed on important DEI-related terms and concepts.

Community Organizations

There are many incredible organizations working to support and advance the VC ecosystem. Click the link below to learn about some of these organizations, the opportunities and resources they provide, and how you or your firm can get involved in their efforts.

Tools & Templates

If your firm is seeking to implement best-in-class management operations, HR policies, DEI standards, or ESG strategies, this collection of tools and templates can help. These free resources – including sample HR policies, codes of conduct, ESG Assessment Frameworks, DEI roadmaps, and more – are a great place for any VC firm to get started.
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