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Advancing a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive ecosystem

The future of the venture capital industry depends on its investments into itself, today.

Venture Forward is committed to helping the VC community become the best version of itself, by helping firms build strong, healthy cultures and values; lowering barriers to entry for historically underrepresented groups; and expanding opportunities for newcomers to thrive.


13 LGBTQ+ Investors Making a Big Impact

To celebrate Pride Month, we’re highlighting 13 LGBTQ+ investors making a positive impact in the venture ecosystem. From rising stars to seasoned investors, these investors are making a big impact and show the strength and importance of the […]

Meet the Cohort 10 Scholarship Recipients of VC University ONLINE

We’re thrilled to introduce the Cohort 10 scholarship recipients of VC University ONLINE – 41 talented, aspiring VCs from historically underrepresented backgrounds.

Women in VC: Rising Stars to Watch

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re recognizing and celebrating 10 rising stars who are making their mark and emerging as industry leaders. We’re excited to highlight some of their early accomplishments, and […]

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high-growth startups—across all 50 states and DC—raised venture funding in 2018 to build and growth their businesses.


of all U.S. IPOs from 1974 to 2015 were venture-backed companies, representing 63% of the market capitalization and 85% of R&D.

2.9 million

is the average net jobs created annually between 1980 and 2010 by high-growth startups, which account for ~50% of gross jobs created in the U.S.

Approx. 1,000

U.S. venture firms are active today, managing an aggregate of $360 billion to put to work in startups.