Programs & Initiatives:

Powerful tools for positive change

A more diverse, equitable, and inclusive VC ecosystem can not only fuel more innovation, but also generate higher impact and returns. To help the industry reach its full potential, Venture Forward supports aspiring and early-career investors as well as current investors seeking to create powerful, positive change. 

VC University

Created in partnership with NVCA and UC Berkeley, our industry-leading certificate course offers a structured introduction to the fundamentals of VC three times per year.

The course consists of self-paced lectures by industry experts and university faculty, live office hours, webinars, networking opportunities, and more. A robust scholarship program is available to select qualified applicants.

VC University LIVE

VC University LIVE is a three-day, in-person certificate course hosted in emerging VC ecosystems across the country by Venture Forward, NVCA, UC Berkeley, and a local university.

The program consists of lectures, panels, interviews, interactive activities, networking opportunities, and more. As with VC University, full scholarships are available to qualified applicants.

LP Office Hours (now Emerging Manager Office Hours)

Beginning in 2024, Venture Forward is expanding our esteemed LP Office Hours (LPOH) from half-day events to full-day programs called Emerging Manager Office Hours (EMOH). 

EMOH are free, full-day workshops that connect emerging managers (EMs) from diverse backgrounds to limited partners (LPs), general partners (GPs) with significant fundraising experience, and industry advisors.

The “office hours” consist of highly curated small-group roundtables and 1:1 conversations between the EMs and the hosts. This is an educational program for EMs, not a pitching event.

VC Human Capital Survey

Powered by Venture Forward, Deloitte, and NVCA, this biennial survey captures critical data about the workforce at VC firms, and offers guidance for VC firms seeking to advance DEI for their teams and portfolios alike.

More Programs and Initiatives

In addition to our recurring flagship programs, we frequently run one-off training series, events, or research to meet the needs of our community. These have included webinars with government agencies implementing VC-related programs, DEI workshops, ESG workshops, and more.
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