LP Office Hours

LP Office Hours (LPOH) are free, half-day workshops that connect emerging managers (EMs) from diverse backgrounds to limited partners (LPs), experienced general partners (GPs), and industry advisors. The next program will take place in Q2 2024. Check back for updates. 

About LPOH: Launched in 2018, LPOH are hosted twice a year both in person and virtually. Virtual events focus on a specific type of LP, while in-person events focus on LPs in a specific region. View more details of our past programs.

Goals: Foster open and collaborative dialogue and provide a safe space for historically underrepresented EMs to seek guidance and advice from leaders in the field. Key topics include fundraising, managing the GP-LP relationship, and managing a VC fund. Please note that this is an educational program, not an LP pitching event.

Format: Each event begins with an educational component, followed by four rounds of highly-curated “office hours” (small-group roundtables and 1:1 conversations between the EMs and the office hour “hosts”). In-person events conclude with a casual networking reception.

Participation: Limited to ensure that each EM has time to meaningfully interact with the hosts and each other. Approximately 25 EMs are selected for each event, via a brief application process.


The next program will take place in Q2 2024. Check back for updates. 

Ways to Participate

Underrepresented EMs

  • Apply to participate as an EM (participation criteria can be found at the bottom of this page)


  • Host office hours
  • Host small roundtable discussions with EMs

Experienced GPs

  • Host office hours
  • Host small roundtable discussions with EMs

Industry Advisors

  • Sponsor a program
  • Host small roundtable discussions with EMs



programs hosted


EMs served

LP hosts

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meetings curated between EMs and LP/GP hosts
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EM participants in the most recent LPOH 10


61% women or nonbinary


82% people of color


61% outside CA, MA & NY



Emerging Manager Participation Criteria and Process

LPOH are intended to support people who:

  • Consider themselves an emerging VC fund manager
  • Are part of a demographic group that is historically underrepresented in venture capital
  • Are physically based in the U.S. (even for virtual events)
  • Want to learn more about fundraising and managing the GP-LP relationship

To attend, EMs are asked to complete a brief application which collects professional and demographic data.

In the case of in-person events, applicants with a connection to the host region will be given preference. In the case of virtual events focused on a specific type of LP, applicants whose needs best align with that LP type will be given preference.

Applicants will be notified of the selection decision several weeks before the event. Selected applicants must then confirm their availability and intent to attend the full event. Invitations are non-transferable; if a selected applicant is unable to attend, or only available to attend part of the event, that seat will be offered to an applicant from the waitlist.

Because the meeting schedules are highly curated, we are unable to make any exceptions for EMs who are only able to attend part of the event regardless of the circumstances.

Office Hour Hosts

Past program hosts include
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