NVCA Oral History Collection: Peter O. Crisp

An oral history featuring Peter O. Crisp, who served as an associate of the Rockefeller family for forty-five years. He was a founding and managing partner of Venrock Associates, a limited partnership funded by members of the Rockefeller family and related institutions that invest in technology-based venture capital.

NVCA Oral History Collection: Edward F. Glassmeyer

An oral history featuring Edward F. Glassmeyer, an industry veteran and a Managing Partner of Oak Investment Partners (Oak), which he co-founded in 1978 with Stewart Greenfield.

NVCA Oral History Collection: Charles L. Lea, Jr.

An oral history featuring Charles Lea, whose venture career spanned roles at Bessemer Securities, New Court Securities Corp, and Concord Partners.

NVCA Oral History Collection: C. Richard Kramlich

An oral history featuring Richard Kramlich, the cofounder and Chairman Emeritus of New Enterprise Associates, NEA, �one of the early Silicon Valley venture capital firms that created the template upon which the modern venture economy is based.�

NVCA Oral History Collection: James R. Swartz

An oral history featuring James R. Swartz, a general partner and founder of Accel Partners. He has been active in venture capital since the early 1970s and has served as director for over 50 successful companies.

NVCA Oral History Collection: Paul Wythes

An oral history featuring Paul Wythes, one of America�s most successful as well as one of its first venture capitalists. In 1964 he founded and helped build his firm, Sutter Hill Ventures.

NVCA Oral History Collection: William H. Draper, III

An oral history featuring, William H. Draper, III, one of America’s first venture capitalists. Today, he is Managing Director of Draper Richards L.P and Draper International. He serves as the Co-Chairman of the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation.