SVB State of the Markets: Q4 2021

Closing out a stellar year of record-breaking performance, the innovation economy prepares for a winter slow down.

Key Takeaways:

  • Liquidity of private markets remains strong this year

    2021 was another record year with 52 US VC-backed tech IPOs and an anticipated 1,288 US VC-backed M&A deals. Conversely, de-SPAC activity has slowed down from Q1’s frenzy with 455 SPACs in Q3 searching for targets.

  • Facing the headwinds: Inflation increases

    Supply chain problems exacerbated by US port congestion along with an increased money supply and a weakened US dollar has resulted in the largest rise of inflation since September 2008.

  • A new approach to venture capital

    Led by Tiger Global, hybrid private equity/venture capital investors willing to pay unprecedented valuations to get the “best” companies are deploying capital faster, disrupting the traditional venture model resulting in an expected 141% increase in the number of deals over $100 million.

Startups and Small Businesses Generated $1.3B in Economic Impact and 11,564 Jobs in 2019 – JumpStart

Startups and small businesses throughout Ohio and New York were thriving in 2019, generating at least $1.3 billion in economic impact on regional economies, according to a recent study published by Silverload Consulting based on data collected by JumpStart.

This study is a snapshot of startups and small business activity in Ohio and parts of New York, but the total impact of entrepreneurial startups and small businesses is even greater. The 2019 economic impact report includes data from 701 companies who responded to the survey and met qualifying requirements (at least one employee plus revenue or payroll.) 242 (34%) of companies led by people of color and 346 (50%) led by women responded.

Building a More Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

SVB Healthcare Investments & Exits Report

What’s driving innovation in life science and healthcare? SVB is committed to serving the ecosystem by providing industry-leading reports featuring proprietary analysis and targeted outlooks to help companies and investors achieve their goals. Twice a year we publish deep-dive analyses describing fundraising, investment, M&A and IPO activity of private, venture-backed biopharma, medical device and diagnostic/tools companies. Our deep relationships with top life science and healthcare entrepreneurs and investors inform our insights and give us a vantage point unlike any other bank.

SVB State of the Markets: Q1 2020

As we embark upon a new decade, it’s worth looking back over the past ten years to see how far we’ve come. Coming out of the Global Financial Crisis, fundraising and investment have exceeded prior peaks, and venture has globalized rapidly. We’re now seeing important shifts in the ecosystem, which have rippled from rising benchmarks and a renewed focus on profitability. Without question, some right-sizing is needed. Fortunately, there is no shortage of strong companies to face these challenges. A receptive public market has kept the IPO window open, and our outlook on exits remains positive barring a broader economic downturn. Given all of the above, we have reason to be optimistic.

SVB 2020 Startup Outlook Report

For SVB’s 11th annual Startup Outlook Report, we asked founders and executives in the US, the UK, China and Canada to share their perspectives on the year ahead. Every industry today is touched by innovation in one way or another, creating job growth, new markets and long-term opportunity.

Startups are in a positive mood at the start of 2020. But the findings also underscore challenges around raising capital, finding talent and building
more-diverse leadership teams.

First Round – State of Startups 2019

What started as an experiment in 2015 has since become a treasured tradition at First Round. First Round’s State of Startups is now the industry’s largest dataset on what it’s like to run a startup with 3,600+ submissions and 190,000+ data points.

In the fifth edition of this survey, First Round expanded the scope of our survey to cover not just founders but startup employees as well. Where do the founder and employee perspectives diverge and align? Where are leaders making progress — and where are founders falling short? With 950 total submissions, it’s the most detailed look yet into the challenges of operating a startup, plus new perspectives on the truth behind Glassdoor reviews, compensation packages, remote work and more.