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Opening doors and democratizing access

Breaking into venture capital (VC) and advancing a career to become a successful managing partner is hard. The U.S. VC ecosystem has evolved as an apprenticeship-based, relationship-driven industry, narrowly focused in three geographic regions.
These conditions have made it exceptionally difficult for newcomers (particularly those from marginalized backgrounds), to enter and advance. We provide tools, training, and resources to address those barriers.

Introduction to VC

Did you know that the U.S.’s seven largest publicly traded companies all started as VC-backed startups? What is venture capital, what do VC investors actually do, and how do VC firms operate? Our comprehensive introduction —a 12-minute read—will ground you in the basics of what VC is and how it works today.

History of Venture Capital

Modern venture capital has only existed for about 50 years. In a relatively short period, it has produced an outsized positive impact on American innovation, society, and economic strength.

This 17-minute read outlines the history of modern venture capital, the factors that have shaped current conditions, and the implications for the industry’s future.

VC University

Historically, meaningful VC training has lacked structure, and information has been inaccessible without the “right” connections. Our VC University program opens that opportunity up to anyone, regardless of background.

Offered virtually and in-person, this certificate course provides a structured introduction and practical training on the fundamentals of venture finance. Scholarships are available to qualified applicants from backgrounds underrepresented in VC.

Job Board

Transparency in hiring opportunities benefits both VC firms and VC job-seekers.

Our job board provides a meeting place for both. It’s a great place to find a job—or post a job—that could shape tomorrow’s industry.

Learn More About VC

For those interested in learning more, deepening their VC skills, and staying up to date with the industry, there are many additional resources available.

Check out our list of educational resources, including newsletters, podcasts, books, and more.

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