Guidelines for VCs Establishing Reporting Contacts

In this article, Ginny Fahs (#MovingForward) & Y-vonne Hutchinson, (ReadySet & Project Include founding advisor) outline strategies for VC firms to establish meaningful misconduct reporting processes.

A survivor of harassment or discrimination by a VC firm employee decides to formally report their experience. Who do they reach out to? And what happens next?

Historically, VC firms have not provided formal roadmaps for reporting, and entrepreneurs facing harassment or discrimination have had had two options: keep quiet or tell a reporter, options that are both unfavorable to founders and VCs alike.

A better solution for VC firms is to proactively assign a formal reporting contact, and to design internal mechanisms by which entrepreneurs can report incidents to the firm directly. This article provides actionable guidance on the qualities of a good reporting contact, the ways to set the reporting contact up for success, and best practices for putting reporting contacts in place at VC firms.

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