theBoardlist is a Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to improving corporate governance by increasing gender diversity on boards. To achieve our mission, we have developed a SaaS platform and educational programming that empowers our growing community of over 4,800 CEO, C-level executives and VC’s to recommend and discover outstanding board-ready talent for private and public boards.

Since our public launch in 2016, over 550 companies have used theBoardlist as a resource in their board searches, and over 135 board seats have been filled with theBoardlist’s influence. Our vision is for 100% of companies to view and, most importantly, act on increasing gender diversity on their boards as an opportunity to realize greater performance.

Opportunities for Engagement

CEO’s, Executives, Firms and Investors
theBoardlist operates on a recommendation-based model, wherein board-ready women are identified and vetted. We invite CEOs, leading executives and investors to help identify and recommend female board candidates, to be featured on our platform. Groups interested in financially supporting theBoardlist’s mission are also welcome to join as sponsors and members, by emailing us at

Aspiring Female Board Candidates
Women who are seeking to serve in a board position should apply for membership as a ‘Candidate.’

Firms and Founders Seeking Diverse Board Candidates
Firms, investors, and founders are invited to use our platform to search for female board candidates and advisors, using our private, peer-to-peer platform.

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