Justin Cruz

Data Operations Manager,

San Francisco, CA

Justin Cruz is the Data Operations Manager for Venture Forward. He is responsible for the data-related processes, systems, and infrastructure to support Venture Forward’s goals and objectives.

Prior to joining Venture Forward, Justin worked at Salesforce as a business operations and data analyst working on Industry Cloud and Partner Programs. He focused on developing platforms and data support. In his most recent role, Justin was doing business operations for the Salesforce Talent Alliance program, which is a mission-driven initiative aimed at cultivating a diverse workforce that mirrors our society. The program has supported over 23,000 new to ecosystem placements and partners with over 1,000 Salesforce consulting firms to develop their practice.

Justin is an alum of the Year Up program which is a non-profit workforce development organization providing career and higher education opportunities. He is currently in school working on his undergraduate degree.

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